Frequently Asked Questions

Are your technicians certified?

Yes, all of our technicians have been through computer schooling and passed with high marks. They are given tests before they are hired and during their employment to ensure they are current with the technology. Nerds often take extra courses to learn about new products and new technology.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are.

Why don’t you have a store-front or office so I can bring it in?

We used to have a store and hurricane Wilma kindly removed the roof. We decided that since we are on the road most of the time anyways it was a decision to keep overhead down as the cost of a storefront would be reflected in our prices. We do have an office but it is not open to the public. These decisions are why we are less expensive than the “other box retail company”

Do you stock computer parts to sell?

Yes we keep the most common parts in stock however we are not a retail parts store and there are 2 many part possibilities. We order parts as needed for our clients. Usually we have a part in 3-5 business days once it has been ordered and can be sent overnight for faster service..

Do you stock computers to sell?

We don’t usually stock computers to sell, but we can order you any type of computer system you need. Often we are able to offer you a good deal depending on what you need. It takes about a few weeks for a new computer to arrive. We load the software on to the computer for you and will bring it to your house and set it up for you as part of the price.

Is there a warranty on your services?

Yes there is, and If you are not satisfied with your computer, we will make you satisfied. If the problem you originally brought the computer in for is still causing you problems, we will take the computer back at no extra charge. But you must call us immediately after you receive your computer and are having problems, we cannot guarantee for work more than 15 days on service, 1 year depending on parts. If a new problem shows up, you will have to schedule another service call to repair the new problem. We have no way of knowing what is being done with your computer in private thus we can only use good judgment and the 15 day rule can be flexible.

Do you repair the computer in my house or office?

In some cases we can repair your computer in your home or office for an hourly fee (see rates). However, in some cases, we need to bring the computer to our store to repair it. Nerds will then deliver the computer to you. This is a flat rate fee and usually works out to be more cost effective for you. Most computers are returned in 2 business days (Monday-Friday). You can also bring us your computer to our store if you are close enough, we do not charge travel time.

*If you have not made a backup of your data prior to us doing any repairs it is strongly advised to do so. Not that we are negligent but we can not take responsibility for any loss of data due to reason out of our control such as viruses, hard disc failure etc.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, always! all information on your computer and on paper is kept private. Nerds USA has a strict privacy policy and will not sell, rent, lease or give any information to any other party at any time. This includes passwords to email and other
account information sometimes needed to repair a problem.

Do you offer phone support?

We offer phone support free of charge to our regular clients asking simple questions regarding computer issues. We do not support phone calls regarding information on how to fix the computer yourself as this is our main source of business.

Why are corporate rates more than residential rates?

When a business is dependant on technology they usually require more sophisticated hardware, software and other
media, thus the training and salaries required for our techs is also more expensive as is the skill level. It also requires a faster response time….and “time is money” as they say.

Are there company impostors?

Recently we have discovered that many companies with similar names have started to crop out of nowhere trying to pass as us by using a company name that tries to confuse the customer with our reputation. Our service immediate, and reliable. Make sure you know who you are calling: 561-252-8315.